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          Communication Major Breaks the Ice at Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation

          Morgan Bergman, a senior communication major with a corporate communication specialization at Seton Hill, completed a 2019 summer internship with the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation.

          During her internship Morgan was able to #BreakTheIce with the EMBRACElet project.


          “A person receiving the bracelet is supposed to give the other out to someone to '#BreakTheIce' and start a conversation with them about mental health,” Morgan said.

          "When interning there I saw and did a lot of things I have learned in a majority of my classes, which helps reinforce everything."

          “Coming up with the idea, pitching the idea, generating the bracelet, and coming up with the card was a long process but definitely a rewarding one,” Morgan said.

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          Morgan is looking forward to her next internship with the Gufi Hockey Academy in Soragna, Italy. She’ll be traveling to Italy in May 2020 as part of Seton Hill’s Study Abroad Program

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